Based in the UK, Julian paints the landscape, coastline and urban areas. He is currently working on an ongoing project 'At Home and Abroad'  

He has been sending paintings around the world for a number of years and can provide positive feedback from many existing collectors on request.

Julian studied illustration and printmaking at Eastbourne College of Art for 4 years (latterly under master printmaker Robert Tavener) before embarking on a career in graphic design and illustration.

Since 2004, when he had 2 paintings purchased by the House of Lords to complement an existing collection of period travel paintings, he has been painting and exhibiting in the UK and throughout Europe.

 In 2008 Julian began a year long project painting Sussex landscapes - Sussex 365 (A year in the life) which culminated in an exhibition in 2010 of 200 of these paintings at Glyndebourne Opera House.

He returned every year since then, creating a 'daily painting' throughout the Glyndebourne season reflecting on the changing weather, flora, buildings and visitors. 

Julian has also had work exhibited for 2 years running in the Royal Academy Summer exhibition.

"The main theme of my current work is the marking and celebration of a specific time and place. I interpret the changing mood and seasons reflected in the countryside, coastline and urban areas that I inhabit and seek to create work that is evocative and emotive.

The work reflects the prevailing seasonal conditions yet is also affected by my emotional mood and my need for say, sun, cold, or just something different. These personal needs inform the work to a large extent and the paintings are a record of a specific point in my own personal 'timeline'."